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It is all of our hopes that you or your loved ones will never experience the heartbreak of losing a loved one, or a battle to cancer. It is however an unfortunate fact that some of us will.

The organizers of PetersHome know how it feels, and extends our sympathy to anyone who is going through this life changing experience.

It is this reason, and our never ending compassion for others in this circumstance that has prompted our decision to create Petershome. A non-profit hospice house located in Central Massachusetts.

Petershome is dedicated to the memory of Peter Wilson. Peter lost his courageous battle with cancer on October 2, 2004. It is this memory that fuels us to provide a comfortable, safe and welcoming atmosphere to families and victims of terminal illnesses.

Please check with this page soon, as we will be adding more information on how you can donate to the cause, and purchase merchandise to show your support.


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